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Farrier Services

At Langkilde Wild Mustang Ranch we strive to offer all horse owners and Horses a great experience.  Choosing a farrier to provide hoof care for your horse is one of the most important decisions you will make for the well being of your horse. Improper hoof care can lead to injury and/or lameness, and may reduce your horse's ability to reach his full potential. We can provide that proper care for your horse.

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About Our Farrier

Our farrier is an attendee of the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School and was an apprentice of one of the best. With over 14 years of experience working with horses and owners  throughout the United States and now settling in the Eastern Kentucky region.

Barefoot is Best

We always tell clients that if a horse can run barefoot, let them go barefoot. It may not be an option for every horse, or owner, but it is an option. Although, we hold a barefoot is best point of view. Trimming, and shoeing for proper balance, conformation and comfort is our ultimate goal.

Our practice is one of compassion and empathy for the horse. Establishing a rapport with the horse is extremely important to us and results in a better experience for everyone. Gaining a horses trust and respect helps us accomplish what needs to be done. We provide a clean and comfortable area for your visit.


Services Provided

Currently offering haul-ins by appointment only. Onsite appointments offered on a limited basis. Our Ranch is located at 955 Upper Craney Rd., Morehead, KY 40351. Email for appointment and to discuss your options.


Trim, shoes and other services available: The cost varies based on each individual horse and client needs. Email us today to discuss your horses needs.

Payment methods include cash or:

ZELLE: Find us at


GooglePay: Find us at

PayPal: Find us at @langkildewildmustang

Cash App: Find us at $LangkildeWildMustang 


Suggestions for making each visit a bit easier:

1. Provide your farrier with a well-behaved horse.

2. Ensure each hoof can be handled easily and safely by yourself and your farrier.

3. Be on time or early for appointments and have your horse ready.

4. Be courteous and respect the farriers space while you supervise your horse.

5. Respect your farrier’s time.

6. Your farrier is a professional, respect him for his knowledge.

7. Educate yourself on proper horse health and handling.

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