Boarding Options 

At Langkilde Wild Mustang Ranch we strive to offer a few boarding options that suite a variety of owners' and horses' needs.

Full Care Stall Board


Full care boarding is all inclusive. Daily stall cleaning, twice daily feeding, etc.. We have two grain options: Standard Sweet Feed with Calf Manna supplement or a grain of your choice supplied by you. We feed high quality, mid maturity, orchard grass hay year round. Full care horses are turned out during the day in the winter and turned out afternoon or night during the warmer months. Large, airy stalls in the barn are equipped with high quality corner fans for the hotter, summer months and heated water buckets during winter.

Full Care Stall Boarding starts at $350/month

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Full Care Pasture Board


We offer limited pasture care boarding spaces. The horses live outside in large, well maintained pastures and are fed high quality hay 24/7. Pasture care boarding does NOT limit the owner's access to stable amenities. Pasture care horses are equipped with covered shelters and unlimited water. Pasture care horses may be turned in due to weather conditions and stall availability. 

Pasture Care boarding starts at $300/month