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Riding Lessons

Group and Private Lessons


At the Langkilde Wild Mustang Ranch we ride year-round, but weather and terrain is still permitting, since we ride outdoors!


We work with individual Adults and Children from basic horse handling, grooming, saddling and bridling and then getting individuals accustomed to working in a round pen with the horse on the ground and in the saddle and then at some point attempting the ultimate horseback riding experience.


Advancement is generally up to the individual as to how quickly each person advances. 

Whether you need horseback riding lessons as a beginner or just need a confidence booster, or refresher. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!

Individual lessons start at $50/hr. Email us for more information.

Note: Lessons are weather permitting and generally range from March-April timeframe thru October annually based on weather and trainers availability. 

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